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Book Club

Nov 15, 2018  2;30 – 3:30, The Best of Enemies, Jen Lancaster

A customer 41/2 star review: I adore Jen Lancaster and her sassy, snarky humor. "The Best of Enemies" is such a fun book. Kitty and Jack(ie) were BFFs in college, until they weren't, and now they are MORTAL ENEMIES!!! Problem is, they have another mutual BFF, Sarabeth/Betsy/Sars, and so they can't avoid each other and often come to blows (and cause expensive food fights) when forced to spend time in each other's company. Flash-forward 20 years after college, when the suspicious death of their mutual bestie's husband brings Kitty and Jack together again to solve the mystery.
I loved this book. It's total fluff, but it's HILARIOUS, and it made me LOL so many times. The ending is super ridiculous and rushed, but still a lot of fun. I predict this will be the first of Lancaster's books to finally make it to the big screen, and I will be one of the first in line to buy a ticket.
A 2 star customer review: Most of the first 100 pages used to establish the characters could have been edited out. The plot didn't even begin until halfway through the book, which made it a real slog to get through. The characters had all the usual Jen Lancaster tropes that she loves to write about: sororities, love of the armed services, suburbs by way of John Hughes. It got old a while ago. The dialogue was hard to follow and didn't flow in the way that people actually speak. Jack's dialogue sounded especially derivative of Stacy Ballis. The only reason this is getting two stars instead of one is because the plot did pick up in the last 100 pages, which could be quite enjoyable, and the proofreading is way, way better than "Stories I'd Tell In Bars," which was criminally bad. If you do purchase this book, barely skim the first half of it, then read the rest. If I were Ms. Lancaster, I'd stick with memoirs.

Book Club​

​December 20, 2018 2:30-3:30, Insidious Intent, Val McDermid

A 5 star review from a reader: I am a big fan of the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series by Val McDermid, and this one did not disappoint. This is the 10th book in the series and I am always amazed at McDermid's well crafted stories. This book's antagonist is a "wedding crasher" who preys on single women looking for "Mr Right", his modus operandi so to speak! Carol Jordan has been made the head of a new unit whose job it is to take the hard cases and solve them. Needless to say, this one presents a myriad of problems for them as the killer is very thorough and up to date on forensics. The team finds themselves on the ropes looking for answers and even Tony Hill can't help. The author has asked that readers not spoil the ending of the books and I certainly won't! You will be surprised by the twist and turns the book takes so I highly recommend it.
A 2 star review: As a long time fan of Van McDermid who has read all her books, I had preordered this one as soon as it was advertised. It was a huge disappointment. Not only was boring at times, it made a mockery of law and order. For a good cause? Doubtful. No spoiler, but just because the reporter in the story is a bitch does not mean that she does not have a very valid point. And Stacey who broke the law in the last episode, does it again. The ending is ludicrous. So why 2 stars? Because I like some of the characters and slogged to the end, hoping against hope the author would do right by them. And yes, I shall read the next one

Christmas Eve Service, December 24, 2018, time to be announced

A family Christmas Eve candle service is a time for the entire family to come together and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ. The time will be announced on this page at a later time.

Please bring a small candle to place on the communion table in memory or honor of a loved one. Extra candles will be available.