Funerals and memorial services

‚Äč          Minister - $150.00

          Organist - $100.00 (includes 15 minute prelude)

                        - additional $25.00 if there is to be a soloist

          Sexton    - $75.00

          Additional $25.00 for bulletins

          Additional fees for receptions *


          No charge for our congregation or associated church groups for use of the facilities.

          Requests for the use of any part of the facility by an outside group must be submitted in writing and

          approved by the Trustees. Fees for the use of the church are $125.00 per area plus the sexton's fee of

          $75.00. The areas are defined as: sanctuary, fellowship hall, basement and kitchen.

Weddings (members)

          Minister - $150.00

          Organist - $125.00 (Includes 15 minute prelude and postlude and one solo if requested. Requests for

                          additional music are welcome but will incur additional fees to be determined by the organist.

          Sexton -   $75.00

Weddings (non-members)

          Minister - $200.00

          Organist - $175.00 (see information under members)

          Sexton -    $100.00

Use of sanctuary

                           $150.00 - April 1 - October 31

                           $300.00 - November 1 - March 31

* Use of fellowship hall and kitchen for a reception (5 hours)

                            $200.00 - April 1 - October 31

                            $300.00 - November 1 - March 31

                            $150.00 - Sexton's fee for reception


It is imperative that dripless candles be used in any service to prevent damage to the stained glass windows and carpeting. All candles purchased for use in the church must be dripless.

Trash Removal

All trash generated by the user must be removed by the user on the day of use.

The church building is available for use by members or non-members. The following information will serve as a guideline for the availability of and the fees associated with the use of the building, including the services of the pastor, organist and sexton. These fees are in effect February 2019.

Arrangements and approval for all services shall be made through the pastor. Use of the building for meetings are arranged through the Trustees.

Baptism is normally included in the morning worship. There are no fees. Please read on for other uses and fees:

Church USE/Availability

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