We are a church family!  As such we are involved in many activities. We worship together, reach out to the community and we fellowship together--all in the name of Jesus who is our guide. On this page you will find a bunch of pictures showing the congregation just being a church family in many ways. (NOTE: The newest pictures are at the bottom of  the page.) 

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Bible Scavenger Hunt--September 9, 2018

​Christian Education prepared a Bible Scavenger Hunt for us to enjoy. First, we shared food and fellowship and then divided into teams to find our clues. The committee was good to us! They kept us searching all on one floor! Everyone enjoyed this activity. Thank you for all the work! Well done.

Bloomfield's annual Holiday Fair was held on November 23, 2019. As usual, we sold pies at the even, as well as various cookies, cakes and other treats. As a result of all the hard work by all the volunteers, we sold out of everything! There was nothing to take back to the church but shelves and tables. A job well done.

The biggest contributors to our successes were Lujza (pie baker extraordinaire!) and Donna (master of details). Without these two ladies coordinating (and doing the majority of) the work since October, we would not have had such a successful sale. Here they are, hard at work:

As mentioned before, the choir is back! Here is a typical view of the choir as they present a worshipful anthem to the congregation. 

Celebrating Nick's birthday

July 7, 2019

On November 3, 2019, we welcomed Joe Walters as he joined our church family. Welcome, Joe! So glad you are with us. 

Donna and Larry Messner celebrated their 50th anniversary with a reception July 1, 2018 following the church service. Judd and Lujza Rockcastle made the day with the thoughtful planning and wonderful cake! Of course we were treated to a beautiful "Lujza" cake and Judd prepared and shared a toast to the couple! Larry and Donna then shared their memories with the group. Happy Anniversary!

Memorial Day 2021

We had an wonderful Memorial Day observance on May 30th during the worship service. It began when Bethyn Boni, Cheryl Glamack and Marilyn Shafer sang Blades of Grass and Pure White Stone as the prelude.

 Then, Donna Messner played the Battle Hymn of the Republic on the organ as the postlude. Donna Magraw was so moved by the service and the hymn that she was compelled to gather up the flag and present it to the congregation as they sang. The hymn and both Donna’s actions were fitting tributes to those who gave their all in service to this country. 

We had two chicken BBQ fundraisers this year (2020), one in May and one in July (both times, the chicken was deliciously cooked by Gale-Wyn Catering). We sold out both times!

Here are the volunteers, ready to serve chicken to our hungry customers. The fundraisers were a rousing success thanks to these folks.

Each clue was found in a Bible verse that pointed to a spot in the church where we found the next clue. When all the clues were found we regathered in Fellowship Hall to declare the winner. No prizes—just a lot of fun and fellowship!

The choir celebrated the start of summer with a Pizza & Ice Cream Party (in lieu of their traditional visit to Shark's for ice cream and a BBQ). A wonderful time - and a lot of pizza and ice cream! - was had by all.

Here are the hardy souls braving the cold to sell BBQ chicken on Sunday, April 25, 2021. This fundraiser was a rousing success and we sold out (325 chicken dinners sold in 3 hours!). Much thanks is given to our organizer, Nick Glamack. In addition, our thanks to the volunteers: Bethyn Boni, Cheryl Glamack, Bob & Janice Kelly, Phyllis Rechtin, Judd Rockcastle, Marilyn Shafer, Nancy Stewart, Robin Stewart and Joe & Sue Walters. 

August 2020: The book club has started back up. In nicer weather, the club meets outside. This meeting was a little cooler than expected ... for August.

The club welcomes anyone who wishes to attend their monthly meetings; you don't even have to be a church member. Just a book lover!

Celebrating Cheryl's birthday

March 31., 2019

May 2021: Just had to share this view of the choir not seen in over a year: no masks!

In preparation for the grueling fass and winter schedule of rehearsals and lesson presentations, our puppets decided to take advantage of a nice day and do a photo shoot on the church grounds.

It must have done them well as they've already performed one puppet lesson/show for the congregation since these pictures were taken.

Thanks to the work of the congregation, the sanctuary was once again transformed into a wonderful Christmas venue. Here is the church on Christmas Eve with a close-up of the altar table with all the candles.

And here are some more of the volunteers hard at work making pies.

On December 15, we bid farewell to Pastor Andy Shaefer and his family. We wish them the very best and Godspeed on their journey.

June 17, 2018 was Recognition Sunday. Congratulations to Rachael Schaefer, daughter of Rebecca and Andy Schaefer. Rachel graduated from Bloomfield Central High School.

On November 10, 2019, we hosted a reception to bid farewell and Godspeed to Pastor Sandy Porrey. We wish her well in her life's journey going forward and know that God is always with her.

For Advent, December 2019, we asked members of the congregation to bring in their Crèche scenes and display them in Fellowship Hall. What a lovely grouping this made! So many ways to celebrate the anticipation of Advent.

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