Will the real choir memberers please come forward!

On June 9, 2018 a group attended the Red Wings Baseball game in Rochester. 

June 17, 2018 was Recognition Sunday. Congratulations to Rachael Schaefer, daughter of Rebecca and Andy Schaefer. Rachel graduated from Bloomfield Central High School.

(These pictures were added December 29, 2018.) Crèche scenes were on display in Fellowship Hall.

Nick Glamack, Moderator, Diane & Bob Sickmond, Rev. Sandy Porrey

Our Annual Choir Picnic - July 2016

Our annual Choir picnic was hosted by Marilyn Shafer. As always the food was terrific and the company was fun! Thank you Marilyn for having us!

June 2017: Thank you to the Deacons who spearheaded a project for the Morgan Scott Project. We have supported the Morgan Scott Project for several years. The program supports people of low or no income in Morgan and Scott counties in East Tennessee. They do amazing things and we are proud to support them by sending our dollars to help their programs, collecting and sending seeds to support their Good Earth program and this year we collected and sent items for the backpack program that provides school supplies to the school children in need.

Family Fun: Game Day - July 2016

​Family Life Pot luck picnic lunch and games was July 10, 2016. After a picnic type lunch we divided into groups to play a variety of games. Laughter and sometimes groans were heard as we played the games!

Celebrating Cheryl's birthday

March 31., 2019

June 10,2018 our choir participated in a Choir Invitational in West Bloomfield Congregational Church.

Tradition has it that the choir ends the year's rehearsals with ice cream at Scoops!

Thank you!

 June 2017 we welcomed Diane and Bob  

 Sickmond into the fellowship of the


​Annual Roast Pork dinner October 7, 2017

​Thank you to all the workers who's hands made it all possible! And thank you to all who came to eat!  

Each clue was found in a Bible verse that pointed to a spot in the church where we found the next clue. When all the clues were found we regathered in Fellowship Hall to declare the winner. No prizes—just a lot of fun and fellowship!

Celebrating Nick's birthday

July 7, 2019

In June 2017 our choir nearly doubled in size! Our guests are the puppets of our Puppets to Pew ministry! Notice that all the puppets sing with their mouths nice and wide and they are all looking at the director! They are well trained. It was such fun to have them join us for the morning's anthem!

Another happy birthday celebration for Norma Glamack! So nice to have many of her family members at church to join in the party!

Donna and Larry Messner celebrated their 50th anniversary with a reception July 1, 2018 following the church service. Judd and Lujza Rockcastle made the day with the thoughtful planning and wonderful cake! Of course we were treated to a beautiful "Lujza" cake and Judd prepared and shared a toast to the couple! Larry and Donna then shared their memories with the group. Happy Anniversary!

Caroling at Bloomfield Meadows - December 15th

We went caroling at Bloomfield Meadows. It's such a joy to go through the halls, knocking on doors and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Some of the folks walked with us and joined in the caroling making it so much fun!
And Missy the cat came out of her apartment and enjoyed the singing. Molly, our therapy dog, was there with Larry and she behaved very well when she saw the cat!

First Congregational Church of East Bloomfield

Rich in heritage, bonded in love, growing in Christ.

These pictures were added 8-18-2017

Bible Scavenger Hunt--September 9, 2018

​Christian Education prepared a Bible Scavenger Hunt for us to enjoy. First, we shared food and fellowship and then divided into teams to find our clues. The committee was good to us! They kept us searching all on one floor! Everyone enjoyed this activity. Thank you for all the work! Well done.

​Rally Day September 10, 2017.

 Our Christmas party with our friends from the Bloomfield ARC home. Our guests joined us for church on the morning of December 13th. Then we moved into Fellowship Hall where all joined in for a Christmas sing-a-long. Of course there was a lot of great food to eat and then Christmas presents were given out! The smiles tell us we all had a great time.

 Holiday Fair - November 2015

Thank you to Bev Clark and Lujza Rockcastle who led up this successful fund raiser. Many hands came together to provide our table with oodles of yummy pies to sell. Although the day of the pie bake is hard work we had such fun together as we rolled and filled the shells!

​What a wonderful way to start the new year--celebrating Norma Glamack's 96th birthday!

Happy Birthday Norma!

June 2017: ​Thank you to our Trustees who researched putting railings on our stairs in the sanctuary! The job is finished and they look great. We will not be afraid to climb those stairs now. Also, thank you to Larry Messner who stained them to perfectly match the older railings..

We are a church family!  As such we are involved in many activities. We worship together, reach out to the community and we fellowship together--all in the name of Jesus who is our guide. On this page you will find a bunch of pictures showing the congregation just being a church family in many ways. (Note: Newer pictures are at the bottom of  the page.) 

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